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Revealed: how teachers could unwittingly trigger counter-terror inquiries

Exclusive: leaked document shows Prevent strategy is more about monitoring extremists than safeguarding the vulnerable, campaigners say

Teachers, doctors and other public-sector workers could unwittingly spark counter-terrorism inquiries when they seek advice about the government’s controversial Prevent strategy, sensitive documents seen by the Guardian reveal.

A heavily redacted copy of the official policy framework for Prevent, the strategy designed to catch those at risk of committing terrorist violence, was released to the human rights group Liberty under the Freedom of Information Act and shared with the Guardian.

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Fri, 21 Feb 2020 18:51:21 GMT
Bernie Sanders briefed by US officials that Russia is trying to aid his campaign

Candidate has denounced reported efforts to interfere on his behalf, saying: ‘I do not consider Vladimir Putin a good friend’

US officials have told Bernie Sanders that Russia is trying to help his campaign, prompting the frontrunner in the Democratic race to strongly condemn any interference.

Republican Donald Trump and US lawmakers have also been informed about the Russian assistance to Sanders, said a report in the Washington Post, which cited unnamed people familiar with the matter and first broke the news.

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Fri, 21 Feb 2020 21:52:10 GMT
NHS to test Londoners for coronavirus at home

Fresh approach to detecting Covid-19 aims to limit spread of infection across capital

The NHS has started testing people for coronavirus in their own homes in London. The new approach will be expanded to other areas outside the capital in the coming weeks.

The World Health Organization is recommending that people take simple precautions to reduce exposure to and transmission of the Wuhan coronavirus, for which there is no specific cure or vaccine.

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Fri, 21 Feb 2020 16:49:37 GMT
The One With the Reunion: Friends cast to return for TV special

Matthew Perry posts: ‘It’s happening’ as HBO confirms show to appear on streaming platform HBO Max

Friends fans can rejoice – The One Where They All Get Back Together is officially on.

HBO has confirmed that the cast of Friends will reunite for a special on the streaming platform HBO Max, the Hollywood Reporter reported on Friday. The reunion will premiere in May, HBO says.

All six stars of the NBC sitcom, which aired for ten seasons between 1994-2004, will return for the special.

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Fri, 21 Feb 2020 23:40:53 GMT
Duke and Duchess of Sussex to ditch word 'royal' from branding

Meghan and Harry’s non-profit organisation will no longer be named Sussex Royal Foundation, spokeswoman says

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will no longer use the word royal, as in their “Sussex Royal” branding, a spokeswoman for the couple has said.

The spokeswoman said: “While the duke and duchess are focused on plans to establish a new non-profit organisation, given the specific UK government rules surrounding use of the word royal, it has been therefore agreed that their non-profit organisation, when it is announced this spring, will not be named Sussex Royal Foundation.

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Fri, 21 Feb 2020 19:38:56 GMT
Harvey Weinstein trial: jury appears to reach partial verdict

Jury indicated that in three counts they have reached their decision, and will now break and return to deliberations on the other two counts on Monday

The jury at Harvey Weinstein’s rape trial in New York appears to have reached a verdict on three of the five counts facing him, though they are deadlocked on the most serious charge – predatory sexual assault.

Shortly after the lunch break on Friday, the five men and seven women of the jury were called back into court having indicated that in three counts they have reached their decision. These are: the count that alleges the fallen movie mogul forced oral sex on a then Project Runway production assistant, Miriam Haley, in 2006 and two counts of rape in 2013 of a woman who the Guardian is not naming as her intentions on identification are unclear.

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Fri, 21 Feb 2020 20:40:13 GMT
Alzheimer's Society 'paid out £750,000' to staff amid bullying claims

Exclusive: Charity could be accused of using NDAs to silence staff, whistleblower alleges

The country’s largest dementia charity, the Alzheimer’s Society, has been accused of spending as much as £750,000 on payouts to staff who agreed to sign non-disclosure agreements, according to a whistleblower complaint leaked to the Guardian.

The complaint says the use of the NDAs could be seen as an attempt to silence staff at the organisation, which insiders claim has been beset by allegations of bullying and a toxic management culture.

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Fri, 21 Feb 2020 16:00:05 GMT
Device inspired by mangroves could help clear up flood water

Researchers say their synthetic system reproduces tree’s ability to desalinate water

A novel approach to removing salt from water, inspired by mangrove trees, has been revealed by researchers who say the system could offer an unusual approach to clearing up flood water.

Mangroves, like other trees, employ a system of water transport: it is thought evaporation of moisture from their leaves produces a negative pressure in their water-conducting tissues that helps to draw water into their roots and up their trunks.

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Fri, 21 Feb 2020 19:00:01 GMT
Man charged over stabbing attack at London mosque

Daniel Horton, 29, charged with grievous bodily harm and possession of a bladed article

A man has been charged over Thursday’s stabbing attack at London Central Mosque.

Daniel Horton, 29, of no fixed address, was charged on Friday night with grievous bodily harm and possession of a bladed article, Scotland Yard said. He will appear at Westminster magistrates’ court on Saturday.

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Sat, 22 Feb 2020 00:20:13 GMT
Giorgio Armani criticised for comparing fashion trends to rape

Italian designer accused of diminishing sexual violence against women with comments

The fashion designer Giorgio Armani has been accused of diminishing sexual violence against women after he claimed the fashion industry was “raping” women with short-lived trends and sex-driven marketing.

Armani’s choice of language was denounced on Friday by critics who felt it amounted to taking the effect of sexual abuse too lightly.

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Fri, 21 Feb 2020 22:53:27 GMT

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